Telipogon amoanus Bogarín 2012

Photo by © Eric Hagsater

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by © Diego Bogarin


Common Name The Amo Herbarium Telipogon [Refers to the Associacion Mexicano de Orquideas herbarium

Flower Size .2 to .28" [5 to 7 mm]

Found in Guerrero state of Mexico in mixed forest of pine and oak at elevations of 1500 and 2000 meters as a mini-miniature sized, cool growing epiphyte without a stem, leaves absent at flowering, erect, distichous, linear-lanceolate, acute, somewhat fleshy, very thin and transparent when dried leaves that blooms on several, simultaneous, axillary, simple to branched, scape compressed, green, provided with 2 to 3, spaced, small, triangular-ovate, transluscent, green, acute-attenuate bracts, to 3.4" [9 cm] long, successively single, several flowered inflorescence with very small, braodl;y ovate-deltate, acute to shortly acuminate, green,, transluscent, with a thickened midvein, half as long as the ovary floral bracts and carrying inconspicuous, small flowers.

"Telipogon amoanus can be recognized from T. standleyi by the pink-purplish flowers (rather than yellow with a dark purple or crimson center), the sepals obliquely ovate, subfalcate (rather than triangular, acute), the elliptic, entire petals (rather than ovate, ciliate), the lip triangular sagittate, densely pilose (rather than oblong, basally glandular and glabrous towards the apex), the column densely pilose with short hairs basally (rather than with few abbreviated hairs, basally glabrous) and the pollinarium with the stipe obtrullate (rather than filiform). Telipogon amoanus is also similar to Telipogon helleri, which is distinguished by having a fringe of hairs in front of the column and lacking the hairs at the apex of the column (present in T. amoanus and T. standleyi) (Hamer 1985; Solano et al. 2011)" Bogarin 2012


References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; *Lankesteriana 12: 115-119 Bogarín 2012 drawing/photo fide