Trichocentrum moreniorum Pupulin & Moreno-Pareja 2018 SECTION Trichocentrum Photo by Karl Senghas and The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website

Part shade Hot LATE SpringSummer

Common Name The Moreno Brothers Trichocentrum [Bolivian Orchidists current]

Flower Size 2" [5 cm]

Found in Santa Cruz Bolivia at elevations around 400 meters as a small sized, hot growing epiphyte with a short rhizome, clump forming, with an obsolete, cylindric-ellipsoid pseudobulb enveloped by 2 to 3 triangular, papery sheaths and carrying a single, apical, fleshy, sessile, lanceolate, acute, abaxially minutely mucronate, curved, conduplacate at the abse, green leaf that blooms in the late spring and summer on a lateral then pendent, peduncle terete, to .12" [3 cm] long, with a papyraceous, brown, clasping, ovate bract, rachis strongly flexuose, to 2" [5 cm] long overall, successively single to 4+ flowered inflorescence with triangular-ovate, acute to acuminate, glumaceous, becoming dry-papyraceous when old, much shorter than the ovary floral bract.

This species is a member of the T fuscum group

"Trichocentrum moreniorum is a close ally of T. albococcineum and T. orthoplectron, with which it shares the short spur and the triangular column wings. It differs from both by the apically truncate, erose column wings (vs. pointed, entire). It is more similar to T. orthoplectron, with which it shares the sessile lip with a subquadrate blade, and the base of the column wing provided with a gibbous, rounded protuberance, but from which it is distinguished by the prominent, high keels running from the base to the middle of the lip blade (vs. obscure keels, restricted to the base of the lip). It is distinct from T. albococcineum mainly by the sessile lip (vs. clawed), provided with a subquadrate lamina (vs. rectangular-obovate, pandurate). Primo visu, T. moreniorum is also very similar to Trichocentrum fuscum Lindl., but the short spur and the different column immediately distinguish the two taxa. Harvard Papers in Botany, 23(2) : 285-293 Pupulin & Moreno Pareja 2018"


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