Trichoglottis corazoniae Naive & J.C.Martyr 2018

Color Variation

Photos by Mark Arcebal K. Naive

FragrancePartial Shade WarmSpring

Common Name Corazon's Trichoglottis [Mrs. Corazon Montilla Sagemuller of the Philippines, mother of Mr. Josef Sagemuller, who first brought the plants to the attention of the authors current]

Flower Size 1.4 to 1.6" [3.5 to 4 cm]

Found in Visayas of the Philippines in primary or secondary montane forest in half shady to brightly lit positions at elevations of 700 to 1000 meters as a medium sixed, warm growing, monopodial, upright epiphyte with an erect, cylindrical stem enveloped by leaf bearing sheaths and carrying elliptic to oblong, green, leathery, two ranked, glabrous, margin entire, apex unequally bilobed, sessile base leaves that blooms in the spring on an axillary, paniculate, lax, 1 to 3 branched, upright, dichotomously branching, longer than the leaves, up to 20" [50 cm] long, to 20 flowered inflorescence carrying fragrant blooms.

Trichoglottis corazoniae is closely allied to T. tamesisii Quisumb. & C.Schweinf., but distinct by having a forward-pointing stelidia with the upper surface being pubescent (vs. stelidia which are upward-pointing with glabrous upper surface), an upright convex dorsal sepal with truncate apex (vs. nodding or arching, concave, apex rounded dorsal sepal), larger flower and a longer inflorescence (20" [50 cm] long vs. 10" [25 cm] long). It also differs in the coloration of the flowers and in having a downwards-pointing, puberulous labellum (vs. porrect, pubescent labellum). This new species is also comparable to T. ionosma (Lindl.) J.J.Sm. ex Hayata however, it differs significantly in the shape of the midlobe of labellum (lanceolate vs. heart-shape), colour of the flowers (greenish yellow to yellow with or without reddish brown patches flowers vs. brown, edges of segments yellow flowers), an erect dorsal sepal and petals (vs. nodding or arching petals and dorsal sepal) and in having a glabrous column (vs. pubescent column)." Naive & J.C.Martyr 2018


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