Trichotosia microphylla Blume 1825

TYPE Drawing

Photo by J B Comber/ TYPE Drawing by © J J Smith and The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website

Plant and flower

Photo by © Huang Mingzhong

Another Flower ? = Trichotosia dongfangensis ?

Plant and Flower ? = Trichotosia dongfangensis ?

Photos courtesy of André Schuiteman, Dr. E.F. de Vogel and Jaap Vermeulen and Their Netherlands National Herbarium Website. and Flora Malesiana Vol III

Deep Shade Warm cool winter

Common Name The Small Leafed Trichotosia - In China Xiao Ye Mao Qiao Lan

Flower Size .3" [7.5mm]

Found in Hainan province of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo, Java and Sumatra in swamp, oak/laurel and lower montane forests at elevations of 600 to 2000 meters as a small to medium sized, pendant, warm to cool growing epiphyte or lithophyte with a long, creeping, branching rhizome giving rise to 2 rows of oblong, obtuse, fleshy, pubescent leaves with about 2.4" [6 cm] between each one and blooms in the winter on a densely hairy, .2" [4 mm] long, single flowered inflorescence with a hairy, linear floral bracts and hairy flowers.

CAUTION I am not 100% sure of this determination so use with caution.

Synonyms Eria microphylla (Blume) Blume 1856; Pinalia microphylla (Blume) Kuntze 1891

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