!Tridactyle bicaudata (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914

Photo by Patricia Harding

Plant and Flowers in situ

Photo by D C H Plowes

Fragrance Part shadeHot to Cool Summer

Common Name The Two-Toothed Tridactyle

Flower Size less than 1/2" [1.2 cm]

Found in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, Gulf of Guinea Islands, Rwanda, Zaire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cape Province, Natal, and Transvaal South Africa in forests and woodlands at elevations of sealevel to 2500 meters as a large sized, hot to cool growing, epiphytic, lithophytic or rarely terrestrial, monopodial orchid with slender, erect to pendulous stems that are leafy in the upper half, carrying 8 to 14, distichous, ligulate, spreading, unequally roundly, bilobed apically leaves articulated to the basal persistent leaf sheaths that blooms on a densely many [8 to 16] flowered, to 5" [12.5 cm] long, spreading inflorescence arising on the stem below the leaves with the fragrant flowers in 2 rows and all facing the same way and occuring in the summer. This species is best grown in a basket with a coarse bark mix with light to moderate shade and cool to warm temperatures.

Synonyms Angorchis bicaudata (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891 ; *Angraecum bicaudatum Lindl. 1836; Angraecum fimbriatum Rendle 1895; Angraecum laciniatum Kraenzl. 1929; Eulophia angustifolia Eckl. & Zey. ?; Listrostachys bicaudata (Lindl.) Finet 1907; Listrostachys cirrhosa Kraenzl. 1904; Listrostachys fimbriata (Rendle) Kraenzl. 1904; Rhaphidorhynchus fimbriatus (Rendle) Finet 1907; Tridactyle fimbriata (Rendle) Schltr. 1915; Tridactyle polychista Schltr. ex Mansf. 1932; Tridactyle pulchella Schltr. 1915

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