Vanilla somae Hayata 1916 SUBGENUS Xanata SECTION Tethya

Photo by © The Nelocactus Website


Drawing by © Averyanov and The orchids of Vietnam. Illustrated survey. Part 3. Subfamily Epidendroideae (primitive tribes – Neottieae, Vanilleae, Gastrodieae, Nervilieae) Website

Common Name The Soma ?Vanilla

Flower Size 1.6 to 2" [4 to 5 cm]

Found in Laos, Thailand, southern China and Vietnam in primary and secondary evergreen broadleaved, mixed and coniferous forests on any kind of soil but most common on limestone, partcularily on steep rocky slopes and cliffs at elevations of 300 to 1400 meters as a large to giant sized, hot to cool growing epiphytic or lithophytic creeping vine with an elongate stem with 2 to 4" [5 to 10 cm] long internodes and carrying narrowly ovate to elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate, fleshy, shortly petiolate base leaves that blooms in the spring on an erect, monochasial (very rare dichasial), secund, .4 to 1.2" [1 to 3) cm long, with 1–2 (very rare with 3–4) 2-flowered secund cymes, flowers simultaneously opening in each cyme with oval, rigid, rounded apically, concave internodal bracts and triangular, acute nodal bracts and carrying white flowers with or without a greenish to yellowish tint and reddish to pink in the the lip interior.

"The rather small flowers with a short tube, the high, flattened papillae arranged in two rows at the lip apex, and the inflorescences with two flowers open simultaneously are characteristic. Its inflorescence structure is similar to that of V. annamica, but in that species the inflorescence is much branched, and the flowers less than half the size." Soto Arenas & Cribb 2010

Synonyms Miguelia somae (Hayata) Aver. 2011; Vanilla griffithii var. formosana T.Itτ 1911; Vanilla griffithii var. ronoensis (Hayata) S.S.Ying 1977; Vanilla ronoensis Hayata 1920; Vanilla shenzhenica Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen 2007

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