SUBGENUS Xenia Luer 1997

Characterized by the small habit with non-proliferating ramicauls [except for T lilliputalis] clad in lepanthiform sheaths. The racemes are elongated and either simultaneous or successively flowered. The sepals are glabrous and either caudate or noncaudate, the lateral sepals are free or variously connate below the middle, the petals are entire [long-caudate in T ballatrix], the lip is thick and variously lobed and callous. The column is semiterete with an apical anther and entire stigma. The anther is dorsal in T liliputalis. The column foot is short or absent." Luer 1997

TYPE species for the SECTION

Trichosalpinx escobarii Luer 1991

  1. Trichosalpinx ballatrix Luer & R.Escobar1984 Colombia

  2. Trichosalpinx escobarii Luer 1991 Colombia

  3. Trichosalpinx hypocrita (Garay & Dunst.) Luer 1983 Venezuela, Colombia

  4. Trichosalpinx lilliputalis (Luer & Hirtz) Luer 1997 Ecuador

  5. Trichosalpinx tenuiflora (Schltr.) Luer 1983 Bolivia