Orchis anthropophora All. 1785 Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website

Another Inflorescence Photo courtesy of Pascal Pernot and the Orchids of France and Europe

O militaris Group

Common Name The Man Bearing Orchis

Flower Size 1 1/4" [3 cm]

Found from Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in xerophytic, short grasslands, garrigue, scrub and woodland edges at elevations up to 1600 meters as a miniature to medium sized, cold growing terrrestrial with a few thick roots and 2, unlobed, egg-shaped or globose tubers with a leafy, glabrous stem carrying papery basal sheaths and oblong-lanceloate to ovate-elliptic, obtuse to acute, deep or greyish green lower leaves that get small and more pointed higher on the stem and blooms in the late spring on a crowded, erect, 24" [60 cm] long and narrow, bracteate raceme with somewhat nodding, unpleasantly scented flowers.

This orchid has the common name of Man Orchid because of the appearance of the lip and is often found in soils containing lime or with limestone and enjoys sun and often sulks when given too much shade.

Synonyms Aceras anthropophora [L.]R. Br. 1789; Aceras anthropophorum (L.) Sm. 1818; Aceras anthropomorpha (Pers.) Steud. 1840; Arachnites anthropophora F.W. Schmidt 1793; Himantoglossum anthropophorum (L.) Spreng. 1826; Loroglossum anthropophorum (L.) Rich. 1818; Loroglossum brachyglotte Rich. 1818; Ophrys anthropomorpha Willd 1805; *Ophrys anthropophora L. 1753; Satyrium anthropomorpha Pers. 1807; Satyrium anthropophora Pers. 1807; Serapias anthropophora (L.) J. Jundz. 1791

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