Barbosella orbicularis Luer 1976 SUBGENUS Barbosella

Photo by Ecuagenera and The Ecuagenera Website

Another Flower Venezuela

Plant and Flowers in situ Venezuela

Photos by G C K Dunsterville

B orbicularis in Costa Rica

Photo by Bogarin and the Lankester Costa Rican Orchid Website

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by Carl Luer and Selbyana Vol 3 11 Luer 1976


Common Name The Round Barbosella [refers to the leaf]

Flower Size .15" [3mm]

Found in Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, northern Brazil and Ecuador in lower montane to montane cloud forests at elevations of 700 to 1300 meters as a mini-miniature sized, warm to cool growing, repent and mat-forming epiphyte with a suborbicular, fleshy leaf held flat against the substrate and blooms on an erect, provided with several, imbricating, basal, triangular bractsshort, single flowered inflorescence with a thin, oblique, tubular, enveloping the pedicel and much of the ovary floral bract.

"Vegetatively this minute, creeping species resembles a Peperomia, or Phloeophila peperomioides , or one of its relatives. The short rhizome and roots hug the bark of the host tree and produce braching chains of alternating, overlapping, thick, smooth, little, round, dark green leaves which lie appressed against the substrate. The solitary, over-sized flower is lifted by a short peduncle barely above the mat of leaves. The narrow dorsal sepal and petals spread widely above the broad synsepal and three-lobed lip. Four pollinia with caudicles are contained in the two-celled anther cap.: Luer 1976


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