Brassia caudata (L.) Lindl. 1824

Photo by Caves Branch Botanical Garden

Another Flower

Photo by Daniel Jimenez

FragrancePart shadeHotTo CoolSpring and Fall

Common Name The Tailed Brassia

Flower Size 1 1/2" wide and 6" long [3.75 by 15 cm]

Found from Florida, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil as a caespitose, medium sized, hot to cool growing, bifoliate epiphyte occuring at elevations of sealevel to 1200 meters in tropical rainforests on exposed tree trunks with cylindric, slightly laterally compressed pseudobulbs subtended by foliaceous bracts and carrying elliptic-oblong, coriaceous, carinate abaxially leaves that blooms in the spring and fall on an arcuate to pendant, 8 to 10" [15 to 25 cm] long, many [12] flowered inflorescence arising from the basal axils of a newly mature pseudobulb and carrying fragrant, long-lasting flowers.

Synonyms Brassia caudata var. hieroglyphica Rchb. f. 1881; Brassia lewisii Rolfe 1893; Brassia longissima var. minor Schltr. 1922; *Epidendrum caudatum L. 1763; Malaxis caudata (L.) Willd. 1805; Oncidium caudatum (L.) Rchb. f. 1863

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