Brassia verrucosa Lindley 1840

Photo by © Lourens Grobler

FragrancePart sunWarmTo Cold LATESpring TO EARLY Fall

Common Name The Warty Brassia

Flower Size 6" or less

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela as a large sized, warm to cold growing epiphyte of open humid, evergreen to semi-deciduous cloud forests on tree trunks and larger branches at elevations of 900 to 2400 meters with ovoid-conic, furrowed, slightly laterally compressed pseudobulbs subtended by 1 to 2 foliaceous bracts and has 2, coriaceous, elliptic-lanceolate leaves that are conduplicate at the base. They flower in the late spring through the early autumn on a basal, to more than 2' [60 cm] long, erect to arching inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb which are strongly 2 ranked and carry many [10 to 20] flowers that are slightly scented of black pepper and need regular waterings and fertilizer year round.

The lip of B verrucosa when flattened is oblong-obovate and is essentially unlobed and the flowers are smaller than B brachiata.

It is distinguished from the other Brassia by the green warts on the base of the lip.

Plants found in Costa Rica, Panama and Peru and Brazil with this name are either B brachiata [Central America] or B bidens [Peru and Brazil].

Synonyms Brassia aristata Lindley 1844; Brassia brachiata Lindley 1842; Brassia coryandra C. Morr. 1848; Brassia cowani R.H. Torr. ex Lindl. 1854; Brassia longiloba DC 1848; Brassia odontoglossoides Klotsch & Karst. 1847; Brassia ophioglossoides Klotzsch & Karst.; Oncidium brachiatum Rchb.f 1864; Oncidium verrucosum [Lindley]Rchb.f 1863

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