!Caularthron bicornutum [Hooker]Raf. 1836

Photo by Jay Pfahl


Drawing by Dunsterville & Garay

FragranceFull sunWarmTo Hot Winter TO Spring

Common Name The Two Horned Caularthron or Virgin Mary Diacrium

Flower Size Up to 3" [5 cm]

Found in Venezuela, Guyana, Fr Guiana, Surinam, , Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago is often found close to the sea on rocks or cliffs or rivers as a medium sized, hot to warm growing, epiphytic or occasional lithophytic species with long-cylindrical, fusiform or elongate-ovoid pseudobulbs enveloped by white, papery bracts carrying, 3 to 4, towards the apex, oblong or elliptic-oblong, fleshy, coriaceous, obtuse leaves that blooms in the winter through the spring on a 6 to 16" [15 to 40 cm] long, slender, terminal, erect raceme that has a few to many [3 to 20] sequentially opening, fragrant fruit, cotton candy, raspberrys and strawberry scented, waxy flowers with small, ovate-lanceolate, acute,shorter than the ovary floral bracts and twisted pedicels that are longlasting and arise on newly matured pseudobulbs. The inflorescence appear in the fall and grow through the winter for a late winter through spring blooming.

Similar to C bilamellatum but has larger flowers with a deeply trilobed lip with narrower segments.

They are often found in association with ants that live in a hollow cavity with an entrance at the base of the older pseudobulbs. This species can bloom out of the apex of a newly emerging pseudobulb that will not develop further if the plant is under stress. Bright light, ample water while growing and a lessening in the winter ensures a healthy regular blooming plant.

Synonyms Diacrium amazonicum Schlechter 1925; Diacrium bicornutum [Hkr.]Benth. 1881; *Epidendrum bicornutum Hooker 1834

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