Chondrorhyncha viridisepala Senghas 1989 - See Ixyophora viridisepala ( Senghas ) Dressler 2005 Photo by Jeff Aguillon


Found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in wet montane forests at elevations of 800 to 2000 meters as a caespitose, fanshaped, warm to cool growing epiphyte with no pseudobulbs, oblanceolate, tapered to the conduplicate petiolate base, acute, graduating in size from the bottom to the top that blooms on a laxly arching, 2 1/4" [6 cm]long, single flowered scape with the flowers held below the leaves occurring at various times as the new growths mature but in nature in the spring. The fan-shape plant in this species is less distinct than in other Chondrorhyncha.

Newly moved to a new genus Ixyophora