!Dimerandra stenopetala (Hook.) Schltr. 1922 Photo by Jean Claude George

Part shadeCoolTo Hot SummerFall

Common Name The Slim-Petaled Dimerandra

Flower Size to more than 1" [to more than 2.5 cm]

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, French Guaina, Surinama, Guyana, and Venezuela as well as Jamaica and Trinidad at elevations of sealevel to 700 meters as a medium sized, warm to hot growing epiphyte with an elongate, many noded stem carrying alternate, clasping, lanceolate leaves that blooms in the summer and fall, on a short to 1"[ to 2.5 cm], few flowered, corymb-like inflorescence that is heavily bracted and with successive opening flowers that can open very flat or not very well depending on the clone, occuring over several months.

Synonyms Caularthron umbellatum Raf. 1837; Dimerandra isthmi Schltr. 1922; Dimerandra lamellata (Westc. ex Lindl.) Siegerist ex Hamer 1985; Dimerandra rimbachii (Schltr.) Schltr. 1922; Epidendrum lamellatum Westc. ex Lindl. 1843; Epidendrum stenopetalum Hook. 1835

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