Epidendrum alpicola Rchb.f. & Warsz. 1854 GROUP Alpicolum SUBGROUP Alpicolum TYPE for the group

photo by Alexander Moran Mendez



Plant and Flowers

photos by Patricia Harding and Species Identification Taskforce Website

Common Name The High Elevation Epidendrum

Flower Size .6" [1.5 cm]

Found in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 1900 to 2500 meters as a medium sized, cold growing epiphyte with closely spaced, terete basally, grading to lightly compressed, leafy above stem enveloepd basally by gray tubular, close fitting sheaths and carrying linear-elliptic, thin, finely sulcate carinate mid nerve, finely revolute margins, lightly unequally and sharply mucronate leaves that blooms on a terminal, suberect, compressed, arcuate-pendent, 4.8" [to 12 cm] long, cylindrical, densely many flowered inflorescence arising through a single prominent, compressed, shiny green spathe becoming scarious in time and with whtie, slender, inconspicuous, half the length of the ovary floral bracts and carrying very fragrant flowers.

Epidendrum alpicola is the TYPE for the GROUP Alpicolum SUBGROUP Alpicolum characterized by the sympodial, caspitose to sometimes somewhat creeping habit, stems cane-like, simple, several leaved, with an elongate, apical, racemose, lax-flowered inflorescence, the flowers are star-shaped, membranaceous, the lip 3-lobed, not fleshy thickened, bicallose, the mid-lobe rectangular to triangular, the lateral lobes dolabriform to semi-orbicular. It is similar to E dialychilum in most all features other than the lip is free from the column, which in E apicolum is adnate to the column.


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