Epidendrum caluerorum Hágsater GROUP Spathiger SUBGROUP Coriifolium

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Part sun WarmCool WinterSpring Summerfall

Common Name Luers' Epidendrum [American Orchidists and Pleurothallid experts current]

Flower Size 1." [2.5 cm]

Found in Costa Rica in cloud forests at elevations of 700 to 1200 meters as a small sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with simple, cane-like, erect, laterally compressed stems and carrying 3 to 5, all along the apical half of the stem, coriaceous, linear to narrowly elliptic, unequally bilobed, margin entire leaves that blooms at most any time of the year on a terminal, racemose, occuring only once, distichous, erect, laterally compressed, ancipitose, winged, flexuous, 3.6 to 8.4" [9 to 21 cm] long, few to several flowered inflorescence arising on a mature growth, with as long as the ovary, almost parellel to the rachis, ovate, conduplicate, acute floral bracts and carrying 3 to 6, successively opening, 3 to 4 open at a time, non-resupinate, green to light green flowers.

"Epidendrum caluerorum belongs to the GROUP Spathiger SUBGROUP Coriifolium characterized by the sympodial habit, coriaceous leaves, and the racemose, distichous inflorescence carrying fleshy green to purplish flowers. The speciescan be distinguished by the 3 ­ 5 linear to narrowly elliptic leaves, the inflorescence longer than the leaves, the acute bracts about as long as the ovary and subparallel to the rachis, the successive flowers of which 3 to 4 are open at the same time, and the bicallose lip. E. coriifolium has a short, compact plant, inflorescence about as long as the apical leaf and simultaneous flowers. E. allochronum Hágsater has narrowly rounded, spreading bracts and produces one flower at a time. E. beharorum Hágsater has a much longer, many-flowered successive inflorescence and truncate bracts. Epidendrum magnibracteatum Ames 1922 has acute bracts but many-flowered inflorescences. E. summerhayesii Hágsater has short, imbricating, rounded bracts dotted with purple. . E. coriifolium has acute bracts and narrow leaves." Hagsaterr etal 1993


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