Epidendrum chachapoyarum Chocce-Peña, Hágsater, Acuña-Tarazona et Vega-Vera 2013 GROUP Coronatum SUBGROUP Aristisepalum

Plant and Flowers in situ Peru

Photos by © Miguel Chocce-Pena and The Pinterest Website

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Common Name The Chachapoya Epidendrum [An indigenous people of the 9th through 15 centuries and inhabitants of the location of this species]

Flower Size .32" [8 mm]

Found in Amazonas department of Peru in grasslands at elevations around 2870 to 2900 meters as a small sized, cold growing terrestrial with cane-like, simple, terete, thin, erect, straight stem carrying 16, all along the apical 2/3's of the stem, alternate, articulate, coriaceous, amplexicaul, partly imbricating, parallel to the stem, lanceolate, green, apex sub-obtuse leaves that blooms in the winter on a terminal, racemose, arching, .8" [2 cm] long including the 1.2" [3 mm] long, straight peduncle and the thin arching, terete rachis, densely successively 3, to 11 flowered inflorescence with shorter than the ovary, triangular, acuminate, amplexicaul floral bracts.

"Epidendrum chachapoyarum belongs to the GROUP Coronatum SUBGROUP Aristisepalum, which has a sympodial, caespitose habit, simple stems, sub-coriaceous leaves, a racemose inflorescence without spathaceous bracts, and aristate sepals. The species is terrestrial, has short stems to 7.2" [to 18 cm], yellow flowers, sepals 3-veined, petals 1-veined, the sub-3-lobed lip is bicallose, the calli elongate, and a thickened rib in between, disappearing before the mid-lobe. It is closely related to Epidendrum vegae is a short, lithophytic herb, has large red to bright orange flowers with a short .3" [7.5 mm], thin column, 5-veined sepals and petals, the lip 3-lobed with 3 low parallel ribs, and a very small, semi-orbicular, entire mid-lobe. Epidendrum jalcaënse Chocce-Peña, Dalström, Hágsater & Arnaiz, which is epiphytic and much taller to 22.4" {to 56 cm], has 6-veined petals, the 3-lobed lip has 3 to 5 ribs, the mid-lobe is emarginate forming a couple of semi-orbicular lobes, and the .4" [10 mm] long column is stout and thick. Epidendrum camilo-diazii Hágsater & Chocce-Peña has tall stems to 36" [to 90 cm], bright orange-red flowers, bilobed, emarginate lip with a single wide, low, fleshy rib, and straight, obovate petals, sepals and petals 5-veined, and a .4" [10 mm] long, straight column."Hagsater etal 2013


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