Epidendrum chotaense Chocce, Hágsater & Vega-Vera 2015 GROUP Kockii

TYPE Drawing

TYPE photo/TYPE Drawing by © Chocce Pena and The AMO Herbaria Website


Common Name The Chota Epidendrum [The province within the department of Cajamarca where the species was found]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Peru at elevations of 2200 to 2800 meters as a small sized, cold growing epiphyte with horizontal, somewhat hanging, simple, cane-like, thickened stems carrying 2 towards the apex, unequal, fleshy-succulent, oblong-lanceolate, acute, margin entire, dark green somewhat tinged with purple leaves that blooms in the summer and earlier fall on a terminal, erect, through a conduplicate, rounded spathe, occuring only once, racemose, peduncle terete, .8 to 2.4" [2 to 6 cm] long, successively 3 to 4 open at once, 3 to 7 flowered inflorescence with much shorter than the ovary, triangular floral bracts and carrying non-resupinate, secund, always on the underside of the rachis, bright yellow, concolor flowers.

"Epidendrum chotaënse belongs to the GROUP Kockii which is characterized by the caespitose habit, with 1 to 2 fleshy-succulent leaves, 1 to 2 spathaceous bracts, flowers resupinate or not, with a prominent 3-lobed or entire lip. The species is recognized by the 2, unequal, long, narrow, succulent leaves, small, secund flowers with sepals .48" [12 mm] long, always on the underside of the rachis, with the ovary strongly arched to form a hook with column, bright yellow-colored, the lip trapezoid when spread, but concave in natural position, embracing the column to nearly cover it. Epidendrum latorreorum has similar plants, but with one leaf and its flowers are non-secund, larger, greenish copper colored and the lip 3-lobed, the ovary only slightly curved. Epidendrum kockii Hágsater & Dodson has two leaves, but its stems shorter, flowers larger, resupinate, brown with a burgundy-red, large, wide, obreniform, bicallose lip." Hagsater etal 2015


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