Epidendrum concavitridentes Hagsater, Edquen and Santiago 2021 GROUP Rupestre

LCDP Photo by © J. D. Edquén & A.Cisneros and Icones Orchidacearum 18(2) Plate 1862 Hagsater & Jimenez 2021 and the AMO Herbaria Website

Common Name The Concave Trident Epidendrum refers to the concave lip shape similar to Neptune's Trident]

Flower Size .6" [1.5 cm]

Found in Amazonas and San Martin departments of Peru in mossy scrub forests at elevations around 3354 meters as a mini-miniature to just small sized, cold growing epiphyte with cane-like, terete at base, laterally compressed at apex stem enveloped by non-foliar, tubular, striated, acute sheaths and carrying 3 to 4, along the apical 1/2 of the stem, subcoriaceous, wine red beneath and on the sheaths, upper face green, leaf sheaths green, somewhat compressed, conduplicate to tubular, striated, blade elliptic, apex acute, somewhat aristate due to the low dorsal keel, margin entire, spreading leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, erect, flowering only once, purplish, peduncle 1.68 to 2.4" x .12 [4.2 to 6 x 0.3 cm], laterally compressed, ancipitose, provided with 1 to 2, obliquely infundibuliform, dorsally keeled, acute bracts distributed at about each 1/3, rachis 1 to 2.8" [2.5 to 7 cm] long (in the pretype material, but developing), laterally compressed, somewhat 2-winged, 2.48 to 4.4" [6.2 to 11 cm] long overall, loosely, successively 2 to 3, 4 to 120 flowered inflorescence with obliquely infundibuliform, with a dorsal keel, acute to acuminate, basally embracing, shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carryig resupinate, secund flowers

"Epidendrum concavitridentes belongs to the Rupestre Group, which is characterized by the caespitose, sympodial plants, the usually thickened pseudobulbous stems with 1 to 4 fully developed leaves toward the apex, the lack of spathes at the base of an erect, racemose or paniculate inflorescence, the lip ecallose or bicallose and with or without several fleshy thickened keels on the disc. The species is recognized by the cane-like stems with 3 to 4 elliptic leaves .92 to 2.12" x .4 to .72" [[2.3-5.3 x 1.0-1.8 cm], flowers copper-green dorsally tinged red, the lip 3-lobed in the shape of a trident with the lobes longitudinally concave, without thickened ribs, and a pair of prominent calli, obliquely upright, triangular, somewhat laterally compressed. Epidendrum rupestre Lindl. has bifoliate stems, leaves lanceolate, 1.72 to 2.4" x.24 to .32" [4.3 to 6 x 0.6 to 0.8 cm], yellow flowers, the lip 3-lobed with the lateral lobes forming a right angle with respect to the mid-lobe, and the mid-lobe with 3 prominent thickened ribs. Epidendrum excelsum C.Schweinf. has bifoliate stems thickened forming homoblastic pseudobulbs, the flowers yellow or greenish-yellow, and the lip entire with 5 to 7 thickened ribs." Hagsater etal 2021


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