Epidendrum envigadoense Hágsater 1999 GROUP Arbuscula SUBGROUP Incomptum

Photo by Colomborquideas

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Partial shadeCold LATE Summer EARLYFall

Common Name or Meaning The Envigado Epidendrum [A town in Antioquia where the type was collected]

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

Found in Antioquia department of Colombia at elevations around 2500 to 2650 meters as a medium sized, cold growing epiphyte with simple, thin, cane-like, terete, thin, producing new stems from the intermediate nodes of the previous stems and carrying 2 to 3, subcoriaceous, narrowly lanceolate, acute, smooth leaves that blooms in the late summer and early fall on a terminal, arising on a mature stem, occuring only once, racemose, arching, to 2" [5 cm] long including the short peduncle, simultaneously 7 to 8 flowered inflorescence with shorter than the ovary, triangular, acuminate, floral bracts and carrying resupinate, yellowish flowers with the column base greenish.

"Epidendrum envigadoense belongs to the GROUP Arbuscula SUBGROUP Incomptum, characterized by the new growth produced from a middle internode of the previous growth, and thick, fleshy roots produced more or less at the base of all stems, a growth mode often described as "branching" even when a stem only produces one new stem. It is most closely related to E. curtisii but can be distinguished by the clearly 3-lobed lip .7 to .76" [17.5 to 19 mm] wide, the mid-lobe somewhat smaller than the lateral lobes and separated from them by a very narrow slit without forming an isthmus, the apical lobe very shallow emarginate, and the yellowish, simultaneous f1owers, the column.32" [8 mm] long, the base green. E. curtisii has narrower petals, apparently single veined, the lip less than .2" [5 mm] wide. E. amayense Hágsater has a bilobed lip, the column .2" [5 mm] long." Hagsater etal 1999


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