Epidendrum fimbriatum Kunth 1816

Plant and Flowers in situ, Vulcan de Purace 6/07 - Elevation 10,000 ft


Flowers in situ, Jardin Antioquia 5/14 - Elevation 7500 ft

Nice Color Variation Plant and Flowers in situ, Jardin Antioquia 5/14 - Elevation 7500 ft

Photos by Jay Pfahl

Another Flower

Plant and Flower in situ Macchu Picchu Peru

Photos by Eric Hunt


Common Name The Fringed Epidendrum [refers to the erose margins of the petals and lip]

Flower Size 1/4" [.6 cm]

Found from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia as well as Venezuela in wet montane cloud forests at elevations of 1100 to 3700 meters as a miniature to medium sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte or terrestrial along stream banks or on embankments with erect, elongate, thin, branching, cane-like stems enveloped by tubular, scarious, foliaceous sheaths and carrying a few, narrowly elliptic, basally clasping leaves that are minutely erose towards the apex and all gathered towards the apex of the stem that blooms at most any time of the year on a terminal, 1.6" [4 cm] long, racemose, seldom branched, successively few flowered, elongating inflorescence arisng from a mature stem.

Synonyms Epidendrum alternans Lindl. 1841; Epidendrum fimbriatum var. rhomboglossum (Kraenzl.) C. Schweinf.1944; Epidendrum integrilabium Ames & C. Schweinf.1925; Epidendrum rhomboglossum Kraenzl. 1916

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