Epidendrum frigidum Linden ex Lindl. 1845 GROUP Frutex

Drawing by The Orquideologia Website


Drawing by Dunsterville & Garay and The Epidendra Website

Part Shade Cold Winter Spring Summer Fall

Common Name or Meaning The Cold Growing Epidendrum

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

Found in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in wet, high altitude, cloud forests on embankments at elevations of 2400 to 3600 meters as a medium to large sized, cold growing epiphyte, lithophyte and terrestrial with stiffly erect, terete, cane-like, simple but sometimes few branched, thin, straight stems carrying many all along the stem but sometimes just a few clustered at the apex, narrowly elliptic, stiffly erect, obtuse, rigid leaves that blooms at most any time of the year on a terminal, erect, nude, paniculate, to 6" [15 cm] long, including the short peduncle, the to 6" [15 cm] long, laterals pendent, successively single, many flowered inflorescence.

"Epidendrum frigidum is part of GROUP Frutex recognized by the caepitose habit, usutally simple stems, lanceolate leaves, inflorescence lacking spathes, nutant racemes, and a widely cordiform to reniform lip. The species is closely related to E stenophyton. Epidendrum melanotrichoides is also closely related to Epidendrum frigidum, the lip being widely cordiform. In E. frigidum the leaves are much larger, 3.2 to 2.6" [8 to 9 cm] long, the margin revolute, and the apex abruptly acute, the inflorescence longer with the bracts short and at right angles with the rachis, with pink flowers. Epidendrum frutex Rchb. f. has a rhombic lip. There has been much confusion in this group of species, and little detailed work has been done." Hagsater etal Icones 3 plate 353 1999

Synonyms Epidendrum macrodonax Schltr. 1921

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