Epidendrum lagenomorphum Hágsater & Dodson 2001 GROUP Alberti SUBGROUP Allenii

TYPE Drawing by © Lopez and The AMO Herbaria Website

Part Shade ”Warm" LATESummer

Common Name The Flask Shaped Epidendrum

Flower Size 1.2” [3 cm]

Found in Colombia and Ecuador on the lower Pacific slope of the Andes at elevations of 500 to 850 meters as a medium sized, warm growing epiphyte with simple, cane-like, terete, thickened towards the middle stems carrying 3 to 5, all along the upper 1/3rd of the stem, elliptic, acuminate, dorsally keeled, margin entire leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, pluriracemose, producing new racemes over time from the same peduncle, suberect, peduncle terete, about half as long as the apical leaf, completly enveloped by prominent, acute, conduplicate bracts, successively single, 13 to 15 flowered inflorescence with longer than the ovary, elliptic, acute to rounded, conduplicate, imbricate floral bracts and carrying green flowers.

"Epidendrum lagenomorphum belongs to the GROUP Alberti SUBGROUP Allenii , recognized by the laterally compressed stems, numerous leaves, apical inflorescence with a usually ancipitose peduncle and the compact racemes of successive flowers with inflated, conduplicate bracts. The species has stems somewhat thickened towards the middle, the terete peduncle about half as long as the apical leaf and completely covered by conduplicate bracts, the floral bracts .48 to .6" [12 to 15 mm] long, narrowly rounded, ovary prominently inflated ventrally at the apical half, the body of the column short, occupying about 1/4 of the total length, but the very prominent clinandrium forming a tube with the lip, the lip suborbicular, with two small rounded calli at the base, petals narrowly oblanceolate-obtrullatespathulate. It closely resembles E. gentryi Dodson, from the Amazon side of the Andes near Puyo, which has wider petals, a subtrullate lip, with the clinandrium proportionately shorter, that is, about twice as long as the body of the column." Hagsater etal 2001


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