Gastrochilus distichus (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891 SECTION Microphyllae Benth & Hook 1993

Photo by the Species Diversity of Bhutan Website

Plant and Flower

Photo by the Taiwan Orchid Website


Drawing by J.D. Hooker in A Century Of Indian Orchids

Common Name The Distichous Gastrochilus [refers to the leaves being 2 ranked] - In China - Lie Ye Pen Ju Lan

Flower Size .4 to 3/4" [1 to 1.8 cm]

Found in the eastern Himalayas, Nepal and China in shade on moss covered trees in dense rain forests at elevations of 1520 to 2700 meters as a small sized, cool to cold, pendant growing epiphyte with slender, clustered, pendent, branched stems enveloped by leaf bearing sheaths and carrying several, distichous, narrowly lanceolate, fleshy, acuminate, 2 to 3, needle pointed apex, sessile leaves that blooms in the spring on a leaf opposed, glabrous, slender, racemose, 2 to 4 flowered, more or less sigmoid-shaped inflorescence with 2 distant, lanceolate, basally tubular bracts and oblong, subacute floral bracts

CAUTION The drawing is most likely correct, the photos are not so pat, but match most photo references. I await better references.

Synonyms Gastrochilus biglandulosus Kuntze 1891; Gastrochilus jietouensis Ormerod 2013; Saccolabium distichum Lindl.1859

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