Goodyera rubicunda (Blume) Lindl. 1839 SECTION Otosepalum



Photos by © Jaap Vermeulen, courtesy of Dr. E.F. de Vogel, and André Schuiteman and Their Netherlands National Herbarium Website

Full shade Hot Cool LATEFallEARLY Winter

Common Name or Meaning The Reddish Goodyera - in Australia - The Giant Jewel Orchid - In China Hong Hua Ban Ye Lan

Flower Size 1/4" [1.6 cm]

Found in the Chinese Himalayas, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, Assam, Eastern Himalayas, Malaysia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, The Philippines, Sulawesi, Bismark, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Queensland Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu in moist hill and lower montane forests in shady locations and in leaf litter among limestone boulders at elevations of 100 to 1500 meters as a medium to large sized, hot to cool growing terrestrial orchid with an erect, 20" to 26" [50 to 65 cm] long, lower third leafy stems carrying 10 or more, light green, ovate, undulate margins, acuminate, acute, basally broadening and clasping the stem leaves that blooms in the late fall and early winter on an erect, peduncle 4 to 7.2" [10 to 18 cm] long, red pubescent, provided with six well spaced, red pubescent bracts, rachis 1.6 to 6" [4 to 15 cm] long, 16" [40 cm] long overall, densely to 30 flowered inflorescence with long triangular, red pubescent, acute floral bracts and carrying flowers with reddish brown pubescent on the dorsal parts

Synonyms Epipactis grandis A.A.Eaton 1908; Epipactis ochroleuca (F.M.Bailey) A.A.Eaton 1908; Epipactis papuana (Ridl.) A.A.Eaton 1908; Epipactis rubicunda (Blume) A.A.Eaton 1908; Epipactis triandra (Schltr.) A.A.Eaton 1908; Georchis rubicunda (Blume) Rchb.f. 1857; Goodyera anomala Schltr. 1910; Goodyera celebica Blume 1858; Goodyera clavata N.Pearce & P.J.Cribb 2001; Goodyera confundens J.J.Sm. 1915; Goodyera cyrtoglossa Hayata 1914; Goodyera grandis (Blume) Blume 1858; Goodyera grandis King & Pantl.1898; Goodyera hispidula R.S.Rogers & C.T.White 1920; Goodyera longibracteata Hayata 1914; Goodyera longicolumna Hayata 1916; Goodyera ochroleuca F.M.Bailey 1901; Goodyera papuana Ridl. 1886; Goodyera rubens Blume 1858; Goodyera rubicunda var. amboinensis J.J.Sm. 1917; Goodyera rubicunda var. australis Juswara 2016; Goodyera rubicunda var. celebica (Blume) Schltr. 1911; Goodyera rubicunda var. triandra (Schltr.) N.Hallé 1977; Goodyera triandra Schltr. 1906; Goodyera yaeyamae Ohwi 1937; Neottia grandis Blume 1825; *Neottia rubicunda Blume 1825; Orchiodes celebicum (Blume) Kuntze 1891; Orchiodes grande (Blume) Kuntze 1891; Orchiodes rubicundum (Blume) Kuntze 1891; Peramium cyrtoglossum (Hayata) Makino 1929; Peramium longibracteatum (Hayata) Makino 1929; Peramium longicolumnum (Hayata) Makino 1929; Rhamphidia rubicunda (Blume) F.Muell. 1869; Salacistis ochroleuca (F.M.Bailey) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2004; Spiranthes grandis (Blume) Hassk. 1844

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