Gymnadenia densiflora (Wahlenb.) A.Dietr. 1839

Photo courtesy of Bill & Syvia Temple and their Silvia and Bill's Orchid Website

Full sun Cold

Common Name The Densely Flowered Gymnadenia

Flower Size

Found in Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Yugoslavia as a cold growing terrestrial

Synonyms Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. densiflora (Wahlenb.) K.Richt. 1890; Gymnadenia conopsea var. densiflora (Wahlenb.) Hartm. 1820; Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. intermedia (Peterm.) K.Richt. 1890; Gymnadenia conopsea var. intermedia (Peterm.) Nyman 1882; Gymnadenia gracillima Schur 1871; Gymnadenia hybrida Schur 1866; Gymnadenia intermedia Peterm. 1841; Gymnadenia intermedia nothosubsp. proxima C.E.Hermos. 1998; Gymnadenia pseudoconopsea Gren. ex Nyman 1882; Gymnadenia sabandoi C.E.Hermos. 2000; Gymnadenia zardinii Pamp. 1947; Habenaria gymnadenia var. densiflora (Wahlenb.) Druce 1918; *Orchis conopsea var. densiflora Wahlenb.1806; Orchis densiflora (Wahlenb.) Pers. 1807; Satyrium conopseum var. densiflorum (Wahlenb.) Wahlenb. 1826

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