Orchid Jewelry Photos

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1997 was our twentieth year of custom jewelry making in the Keys.

Just click on the species below and see my creations fashioned from real orchid flowers, perfect in every detail. They are hand crafted in 14karat solid gold and have natural gemstones set into some of them.

  1. aerides sp.
  2. Soon to have nice photos, these are beautifully finished and unfortunately the scanned image is not half as nice as the real 14 karat gold earrings at $600.
  3. ascocentrum curvifolium
  4. The image is life size so they are smaller flowers and look quite nice, as earrings,$150,pendant, $90.
  5. ascoscenda fuch's torch
  6. 1 1/4" earrings in 14 karat gold with large lip $750.
  7. dendrobium chrysotoxum
  8. Life size image. Incredible lip texture and sparkley deep orange color, beautiful high polish finish on petals. The scanning does not do justice to the pin, $600, Pendant, $575. All parts are solid 14k gold.
  9. encyclia radiata
  10. gongora quinquenervis
  11. Our finest orchid creation,14 k solid gold flying dragons holding chinese freshwater cultured pearls. Must be seen to be believed.$1600
  12. miltonia fuscatum
  13. A nice size pendant in 14 karat $250.
  14. mormolyca ringens
  15. Sorry about the picture will have a better one soon, 14 karat solid gold earrings, post type, $200.
  16. oncidium iganawa 'abe-san'
  17. Life size image. A beautiful full lip with a flat profile, set of earrings, $300
  18. tubaecum snow gem
  19. This flower pendant has a dove in its column, created in 14 karat solid gold, $150
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