Malaxis umbelliflora Sw. 1788 SECTION Umbellatae SERIES Umbellatae

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Photos by Saint-Claude and The Images de Guadeloupe Website

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TYPE Drawing by O Swartz and The Wikipedia Orchid Website


Drawing by Ernesto Foldats redrawn by S Nowak


Common Name The Umbelled Flower Malaxis

Flower Size small

Found in in Cuba, Jamaica, the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Venezuela at elevations of 400 to 1300 as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with an erect, fleshy, basally somewhat thickened inot a pseudobulb stem enveloped by 2 to 3, imbricating, herbaceous sheaths and carrying 2, auriculate, opposite to subopposite, rather broadly elliptic to ovate-elliptic, acute, basally contracted into a short, petiolate base leaves that blooms in the fall through early winter on an elongate, angular, glabrous, to 10" [to 25 cm] long, congested, subumbellate, densely many flowered inflorescence with triangular-subulate, shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carrying small flowers.

Similar to M hoppii but differs in the acute to apiculate lip apex and the central cavity is much smaller.

Synonyms Achroanthes umbellulata (Sw.) Greene 1891; Malaxis umbellulata Sw.1806; Microstylis umbelliflora (Sw.) Hitchc. 1893; Microstylis umbellulata (Sw.) Lindl. 1830

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