Masdevallia newmaniana Luer & Teague 1998 SUBGENUS Masdevallia SECTION Durae [Luer] Luer 2000

Flower Closeup

Photo courtesy of Eric Hunt, plant grown by, and named for Dan Newman of Hanging Gardens

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by Carl Luer

Common Name Newman's Masdevallis [Original Cultivator of Species Current]

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found in Ecuador without locational data at lower elevations as a miniature sized, hot to warm growing, presumably caespitose epiphyte found with erect, stout ramicauls enveloped basally by 2 to 3 loose, tubular sheaths carrying a single, apical, coriaceous, erect, elliptical, subacute, that gradually narrows below into the petiole which blooms in the fall on a terete, arising from the base of the ramicaul, ascending, 10 to 18" [27 to 40 cm] long, successively few flowered inflorescence with 2 to 3 close bracts below the middle and a tubular as long as the pedicel floral bract and holding the flowers well above leaf height.

"Closely related to M goliath but distinguished by the smaller habit and smaller flowers that approaches that of Masdevallia panguiensis. Distinguished from Masdevallia panguiensis by the longer, more slender tails and verrucose petals. From M goliath it is further distinguished by petals with a carina above the lower margin and an obovate, broadly obtuse lip without the revolute apex and apical margins." Luer 1998

Synonyms Regalia newmaniana (Luer & Teague) Luer 2006

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