Masdevallia rana-aurea Luer 1999 SUBGENUS Masdevallia SECTION Masdevallia SUBSECTION Masdevallia

Photo by Alfonso Doucette

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by Carl Luer and Epidendra Orchid Page


Watercolor by Carl Luer and Missouri Botanical Garden Press Orchid Page

Full ShadeFall

Common Name The Golden Frog Masdevallia [Refers to the yellow flower]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in northwestern Peru without collection data as a mini-miniature sized, caespitose presumably epiphytic orchid with erect, slender, blackish ramicauls enveloped by 2 to 3 tubular sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, elliptical, acute, narrowly cuneate below into the blackish petiolate base leaf that blooms in the fall on a slender, arising from low on the ramicaul, suberect, [4 to 5 cm] long, single flowered inflorescence with a tubular, as long as the pedicel floral bract.

"Similar to M os-viperae but the leaves are elliptical, not narrowly ovate and acute. All floral parts of M rana-aurea are pure orange, the same color as seen in M hirtzii. The sepals are connate into a slightly compressed, narrowly cylindrical tube with the free portions broadly expanded, but totally glabrous as in M hirtzii. The petals, lip and column are similar to M os-viperae." Luer 1999


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