Maxillaria farinifera Schltr.1920 sect. Arachnites Christenson 2013 TYPE Drawing by Schlechter

Common Name The Flour Carrying Maxillaria

Flower Size 3" {7.5cm]

Found in Cauca department of Colombia as a medium sized epiphyte with a short rhizome giving rise to close set, narrowly cylindrical-oblong, slighty compressed pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, ligulate, acute, narrowing below into the subpetiolate base leaf that blooms on a few, basal, arising on a newly arising pseudobulb, erect, peducle thin, provided with 9 to 10, clasping, acute, almost completely enveloping, 8 to 9.6" {20 to 24 cm} long, single flowered inflorescence with sheathlike, similar to the peduncular bracts, almost as long as the ovary floral bracts.

Flowers related to M lepidota in sect. Arachnites Christenson 2013 but M farinifera has much larger flowers, the flower most resembles M fractiflexa.


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