Microtis unifolia ( G.Forst. ) Rchb.f. 1871


Common Name The Single Leafed Microtis - Common Onion Orchid - in Ryuku Islands - Nira-ba-ran - In China Cong Ye Lan

Flower Size 1/8" [.3 cm]

Found from Japan, Ryukyu Islands , Taiwan, the Chinese Himalayas, Malaysia, Java, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda Islands, the Philippines, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, New Zealand and Australia at elevations of 1500 to 2800 meters in montane grasslands with annual fires in the dry season as a medium sized, cold growing terrestrial occuring in grassland and grassy areas in open forest, heathy forest and woodland with small, globose tubers giving rise to a single, terete, elongate, hollow [onion-like], basally sheathed leaf that blooms in the spring, summer and fall on an erect, 9" [22.5 cm] long, several to many [30] flowered inflorescence.

Synonyms Epipactis porrifolia Sw. 1800; Microtis aemula Schltr. 1906; Microtis banksii A.Cunn. ex Hook. 1835; Microtis formosana Schltr. ex Masam 1964; Microtis frutetorum Schltdl. 1847; Microtis longifolia Colenso 1885; Microtis papillosa Colenso 1885 publ. 1886; Microtis porrifolia (Sw.) R.Br. 1810; Microtis porrifolia var. parviflora (R.Br.) Rodway 1903; Microtis pulchella Lindl. 1840; Microtis viridis F.Muell. 1865; *Ophrys unifolia G.Forst. 1786

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