Neottia tenii Schltr. 1924

Drawing by Liu Chunrong and The E Flora of China Website

Full shade Cold

Common Name Ten's Neottia [?] - In China Er chun niao chao lan

Flower Size .32" [8 mm]

Found in northern Yunnan province of China as a small sized, cold growing terrestrial with an erect stem without leaves that blooms on a terminal, erect, sparsely pubescent, several sheathed, rachis pubescent, sublaxly to 20 flowered inflorescence with lanceolate, acuminate floral bracts.

Very similar to Neottia listeroides but differs in the pair of auricles at the base of the lip


References Neottia megalochila Flora of China Vol 25 Orchidaceae Zhengyi, Raven & Deyuan 2009; Flora of China Vol 25 Orchidaceae Illustrations Zhengyi, Raven & Deyuan 2010 drawing fide