Octarrhena cf ensifolia (Ames) Schltr. 1911

photo by Melanie Schori and her Flickr Photostream Website

TYPE Drawing of Phreatia ensifolia

TYPE Drawing by Oakes Ames

Deep Shade

Common Name The Ensiform Octarrhena

Flower Size

Found on Luzon in the Philippines in mossy montane forests at elevations of 1100 to 1200 meters as a mini-miniature sized, cool growing epiphyte with erect stems enveloped by leaf bearing sheaths carrying about 7, distichous, coriaceous, acute, ensiform, strngly conduplicate leaves that blooms in the later spring on an axillary, peduncle 1.2" [3 cm] long, provided with several, linear-lanceoalte, acuminate bracts, rachis 1" [2.5 cm] long, few flowered inflorescence with linear-lanceoalte, acuminate floral bracts.

Synonyms *Phreatia ensifolia Ames 1908

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