Epidendrum myrianthum Lindl. 1853 GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Verrucosum

Photo by © Lourens Grobler


Photo by © Eric Hunt plant grown by Dan Newman of Hanging Gardens.


Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Common Name The Many Flowered Epidendrum

Flower Size 3/4" [1.8 cm]

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras as a large sized, cool to cold growing terrestrial on grassy slopes and rocky banks in forests and thickets or epiphyte at elevations of 1200 to 2370 meters with clustered, cane-like, terete, thin, erect stems enveloped by tubular sheaths and carrying 10 to 28, distichous, articulate, erect spreading, fleshy, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, basally clasping leaves and blooms in the summer on a terminal, erect, branched, 18" [45 cm] long, many flowered inflorescence with fragrant flowers.

"Epidendrum myrianthum belonj;s to the GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Verrucosum which is characterized by the sympodial habit, mostly verrucose stems, and the rostellum which is perpendicular to the axis of the column instead of parallel forming a wide, open sinus and without a viscidium with small to medium sized, membranaceous fIowers with sepals and petals immaculate, a bilobed clinandrium-hood slightly surpassing the body of the column, obovoid, subequal pollinia with long granulose caudicles. The species is recognized 'by fhe relatively tall plants, with a large paniculate, altractive, many-flowered inflorescence, simultaneous, pink-purple flowers, the lip 3-lobed with the latereral lobes obliquely truncate. It closely resembles E. verrucosum Sw. which also has tall plantswith somewhat longer, wider leaves, white flowers, and the bicallose callus appears tridentate due to the short keel in the middle of the calli . Epidendrum macdougallii Hágsater also has pink-purple flowers, but the plants are short, with narrow, grass-like leaves, the few-flowered inflorescence on a relatively long peduncle with 2 to 5 tubular bracts, the successive flowers somewhat smaller with sepals .2 to .28" [5 to 7 mm] long, with acute lateral lobes." Hagsater etal 2006

Synonyms Epidendrum myriantchum Hkr. ex Gajon Sanches Mejores 1930; *Epidendrum myrianthum Lindl. 1853; Epidendrum myrianthum var. album Rchb.f. ex B.S.Williams 1894; Epidendrum verrucosum var. myrianthum (Lindl.) Ames & Correll 1942; Oerstedella myriantha (Lindl.) Hágsater 1981

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