Epidendrum cancanae (P.Ortiz) Hágsater 2005 GROUP Bambusiforme

Photo by Luis Guellermo Arango


Drawing by Hagsater & Jimenez and The AMO Herbaria Website


Common Name or Meaning The Cancana Epidendrum [A stream that feed the Rio Porce in Antioquia Colombia]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Panama and Colombia near El Golfo del Darien at elevations around 600 to 1000 meters as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte or terestrial with a simple, cane-like, terete, thin, erect, straight stem carrying 20 to 35, throughout the apical half, alternate, articulate, suberect, gradually smaller towards the apex, narrowly lanceolate, acuminate, subcoriaceous leaves that blooms in the fall through early spring on a terminal and lateral, erect, terete, thin, short, .24 to .6" [.6 to 1.5 cm] long, lax, few flowered inflorescence with 2 to 3, small, rounded to subacute, imbricating, tubular bracts at the base and much shorter than the ovary, narrowly deltoid, acute floral bracts and carrying resupinate, white flowers with the sepals and column slightly tinged with greenish pink.

"Epidendrum cancanae belongs to the GROUP Bambusiforme , characterized by the caespitose habit, cane-like, non-branching stems, with several short, racemose, lateral inflorescence, a single bract per flower, the lip 3-lobed, and a column with a reduced clinandnum-hood. The species is recognized by the long, narrow leaves, subsessile lateral inflorescence, the 3-lobed lip, with an erose margin, and a long, arching column, the flowers white, with the column, sepals and petals slightly tinged greenish pink. Epidendrum infaustum RchB.f. has somewhat smaller flowers, sepals about .4" [10 mm] long, and the midlobe of the lip entire, acute. Epidendrum cauliflorum also has smaller flowers, sepals .36" [9 mm] long, and an apically truncate midlobe. Epidendrum bambusiforme Kraenzlin has taller plants, larger leaves, 10 to 14 flowers, greenish-ochre with a white lip, a shorter, straight column, the sepals are .52" [13 mm] long." Hagsater etal 2007

Synonyms Epidendrum gymnopodum Hágsater 2004; *Oerstedella cancanae P.Ortiz 2001

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