Oncidium phalaenopsis Lindl. & Rchb. f. 1869 - See Caucaea phalaenopsis (Lindl. & Rchb. f.) N.H. Williams & M.W. Chase 2001 Photo courtesy of Dale and Deni Borders

Common Name Phalaenopsis-Like Oncidium

Flower Size 1 1/2" [3.75 cm]

This is an Ecuadorian, small sized, cold growing, epiphytic species occuring at elevations of 2700 to 2800 meters with ovoid to ovoid-conical, sulcate in time pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, linear-oblanceolate, suberect-arcuate, subobtuse leaves that blooms on a slender, suberect to arcuate, to 2' [60 cm] long, few flowered raceme with showy flowers occuring in the summer.

Synonyms Oncidium cucullatum var phalaenopsis [Lind. & Rchb.f]Nicholson 1901