Ophrys argentea Vell. 1831 Photo courtesy of Dalton Holland Baptista

Plant in situ in Boia Ceia Brazil At elevations of 30 meters Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Common Name The Silvery Ophyrs

Found in southeastern Brazil and Argentina as a cool growing terrestrial orchid at elevations of sea level to 300 meters.

Synonyms Anoectochilus argenteus (Vell.) Loudon 1850; Anoectochilus pictus (Lindl.) Loudon 1850; Aspidogyne argentea (Vell.) Garay 1977; Erythrodes picta (Lindl.) Ames 1915; Microchilus pictus (Lindl.) D.Dietr. 1852 ; Physurus argenteus (Vell.) Koch & Lauch 1857; Physurus pictus Lindl. 1840