~Ophrys sicula Tineo 1817 - See Ophrys lutea Cavanilles 1793 Photo courtesy of Th. Pain and the Orchids of France and Europe


Common Name The Sicilian Ophyrs

Found in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Corsia, Sardina, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Eastern Aegean Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Israel as a miniature to small sized, cool growing terrestrial in grasslands, scrub and open woodland at elevations up to 1500 meters that blooms in the winter and early spring on a terminal, erect, 2 to 10" [5 to 25 cm] long, 2 to 8[10] flowered inflorescence.

Synonyms Arachnites lutea var. minor Todaro 1842; Ophrys archimedea P.Delforge & M.Walravens 2000; Ophrys aspea Devillers-Tersch. & Devillers 2000; Ophrys fusca var. subfusca (Rchb.f.) Rchb. 1851; Ophrys fenarolii Ferlan 1956; Ophrys flammeola P.Delforge 2000; ; Ophrys × gauthieri nothosubsp. fenarolii (Ferlan) H.Baumann & Künkele 1986; Ophrys lutea subsp. minor (Todaro) O. & E. Danesch 1975; Ophrys lutea subsp. murbeckii (Fleischmann) Soó; Ophrys lutea subsp. subfusca (Rchb.f.) Murb. 1899; Ophrys lutea var. minor (Tod.) Raynaud 1895; Ophrys lutea var. subfusca Rchb.f. 1851; Ophrys migoutiana F.Gay 1888; Ophrys minor (Tod.) Paulus & Gack in ?; Ophrys murbeckii Fleischmann 1925; Ophrys numida Devillers-Tersch. & Devillers 2000; Ophrys phryganae Devillers-Tersch. & Devillers 1991; Ophrys subfusca (Rchb.f.) Batt. 1910; Ophrys subfusca subsp. fenarolii (Ferlan) Del Prete 1984

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