Orchis anatolica Boissier 1844 Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website

Another Flower Photo courtesy of F.Verhart and the Orchids of France and Europe

Part sunCold Spring

O mascula Group

Common Name The Anatolian Orchis [Region Of Turkey]

Flower Size about 5/8" [2.75 cm]

A miniature to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid that is found in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel Jordan and Iran in garrigue, pinewoods and open woodlands at elevations up to 2000 meters with reddish brown, rather dark stem carrying 2 to 6, basal, in a rosette, matte dark green, violet spotted, rarely pale green and unspotted, oblong to lanceolate, near obtuse leaves with 1 to 2 upper clasping, smaller cauline leaves that blooms in the spring on a 2 to 4.8" [5 to 12 cm] long, loosely several [2 to 15] flowered inflorescence with reddish, membraneous, almost as long as the ovary bracts.

Often cited as synomonous with O quadripuncata but is clearly distinct by its elongated, veined sepals, larger size, the spotting and indentation of the lip, and the shape and position of the spur.

Synonyms Androrchis anatolica (Boiss.) D.Tyteca & E.Klein 2008; Orchis anatolica f. rariflora (K.Koch) So 1928; Orchis anatolica f. taurica Rchb.f. in H.G.L.Reichenbach 1851; Orchis anatolica subvar. taurica (Rchb.f.) E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis anatolica var. kochii Boiss. 1882; Orchis quadripunctata subsp. anatolica (Boiss.) Asch. & Graebn. 1907; Orchis rariflora K.Koch 1846; Orchis sitiaca (Renz) P.Delforge 1990;

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