Orchis simia Lamarck 1779 Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website

Plant and Flowers in situ Photo by Pascal Pernot and His Orchids of France and Europe

Part sun Cold Spring

O militaris Group

Common Name The Monkey Orchis [refers to the lip shape]

Flower Size 1 1/4" [2.75 cm]

A small to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial from Great Britain, Libya, Algeria, Spain, the Balearic Islands, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, the eastern Aegean Islands, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Crimea, Turkmeistan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Iran in calcareous soils in dry grasslands, scrub and open forests at elevations of sea level to 1500 meters with a green stem carrying 2 to 6 basal, near erect to spreading, in a rosette, unmarked, whitish green, oval to lanceolate, slightly channeled leaves and 1 to 4, smaller, clasping, cauline leaves above that blooms in the spring on an oblong, densly many [15 to 55] flowered, 2 to 3" [5 to 7.5 cm] long inflorescence with the lowermost flowers opening last.

Synonyms Orchis italica Lamarck ?; Orchis linearis Tourlet 1903; Orchis militaris Sm. 1808; Orchis militaris var. simia (Lam.) Gaudin 1829; Orchis simia f. brevidens Rouy 1912; Orchis simia f. rotundilobus Cortesi 1903; Orchis simia subsp. taubertiana (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) Kreutz 2004; Orchis simia var. cercopitheca Georgi 1779; Orchis simia var. laxiflora Boiss. 1882; Orchis smithii Sweet 1826; Orchis taubertiana B.Baumann & H.Baumann 2001; Orchis tephrosantha Vill 1779; Orchis zoophora Tuil. 1799

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