Otoglossum brevifolium (Lindl.) Garay & Dunst. 1976

Photo by Pieter Brouwer and his P Base Orchid Photostream

LATE through EARLY

Common Name The Short-Leafed Otoglossum

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in montane rain forests at elevations around 900 to 2800 meters meters on steep clay banks with leaf litter as a small sized, warm to cold growing terrestrial orchid with ovoid-pyriform, complanate, smooth, dark green pseudobulbs enveloped with a pair of basal, foliaceous, articulated sheaths and carries a single, apical, narrrowly elliptic-oblong, rigid, coriaceous, apically retuse leaf that is attenuate into the conduplicate, petiolate base and blooms in the late winter and early spring on an axillary, 10" [25 cm] long, several to many [12 to 18] flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb with tubular, close floral bracts.

This species is distinguished by the ovoid-pyriform pseudobulbs, the oblong, attenuate leaves, the labellum disc with a stout, laterally compressed claw-like base, thickened to a cordiform apex abuted by conical teeth, the basal lip lobes are convex-revolute and the callus has 2 conical teeth.

Synonyms *Odontoglossum brevifolium Lindl. 1844; Odontoglossum coronarium var. dayanum Rchb.f. 1876; Odontoglossum coronarium var. dayanum Rchb.f. 1876; Oncidium brevifolium [Lindl]Beer 1854; Oncidium chiriquense (Rchb. f.) Beer 1854; Otoglossum brevifolium var. dayanum (Rchb.f.) Garay & Dunst. 1976; Otoglossum spathulatum (P.J.Cribb) Jenny & Garay 2010

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