!Pholidota imbricata (Roxb.) Lindl. 1825 SECTION Pholidota

font color=red> Photo by Eric Hunt

Inflorescence and Plant with Flowers

Photo by Jean Claude George

FragranceCoolHot SummerFall

Common Name The Overlapping Shingle Pholidota - In Australia Rattlesnake Orchid - In Papua New Guinea The Necklace Orchid - In China Su Bao Shi Xian Tao

Flower Size to 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in central China and Tibet, Assam, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, western Himalayas, Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Sumatra, Moluccas, Sulawesi, the Philippines, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, Santa Cruz, Vanuatu and Queensland Australia in evergreen lowland forests on rock outcrops along streams and rivers as a small to medium sized, cool to hot growing epiphyte and lithophyte at elevations of sealevel to 1700 meters in filtered light with clustered, conical, angular, wrinkled or sunken, dull pale green to dull brown pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, sub-plicate, ovate-oblong to linear-lanceolate, coriaceous, prominently veined, gradually narrowing into the pseudo-petiolate base, dark green leaf with a lighter underside that can have red spots and blooms in the spring, summer and fall on a terminal, smooth, terete, erect-arcuate then drooping, 20" [50 cm] long, racemose inflorescence that has a zigzag, flexuous rachis with large concave bracts carrying up to 50 fragrant flowers that spiral around the inflorescence arising from papery floral bracts and occuring on a developing pseudobulb.

Synonyms Coelogyne conchoidea (Lindl.) Rchb. f. 1864; Coelogyne crotalina (Rchb. f.) Rchb. f. 1861; Coelogyne imbricata Rchb. f. 1861; Coelogyne loricata Rchb. f. 1861; Coelogyne triotos (Rchb. f.) Rchb. f. 1862; Cymbidium imbricatum Roxb. 1832; Ornithidium imbricatum (Lindl.) Wall. ex Hook.f. 1890; Pholidota assamica Sander ex Regel 1890; Pholidota beccarii Schltr. 1921; Pholidota bracteata (D. Don) Seidenf. 1986; Pholidota calceata Rchb.f. 1856; Pholidota conchoidea Lindl. 1840; Pholidota crotalina Rchb. f. 1856; Pholidota grandis Kraenzl. 1929; Pholidota henryi Kraenzl. 1915; Pholidota imbricata var. coriacea Hook.f. 1890; Pholidota imbricata var. henryi (Kraenzl.) T. Tang & F.T. Wang 1951; Pholidota imbricata var. longifolia Schltr.1911; Pholidota imbricata var. montana Schltr. 1911; Pholidota imbricata var. platyphylla 1911; Pholidota loricata Rchb. f. 1857; Pholidota pallida Holt. 1964 non Lindley 1836; Pholidota spectabilis Kraenzl. ex Guillaumin 1948; Pholidota triotos Rchb. f. 1861; Ptilocnema bracteata D. Don 1825

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