Phreatia secunda (Blume) Lindl. 1830

Plant and Flowers in situ Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Photos by David Kuehn

Another Flower

Photo by J B Comber


Drawing by Seidenfaden

Full shadeHotWarm

Common Name The One-Sided Phreatia [refers to the flowers pointing all in the same direction]

Flower Size .1 [3mm]

Found in the Andaman Islands, Thailand, penninsular Malaysia, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Moluccas, the Philippines, Sumatra and Sulawesi in coastal, oak/laurel and lower montane forests at elevations of [sea-level] 50 to 2300 meters as a mini-miniature sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte or lithophyte on rocky roadside cuttings on shale with no pseudobulbs and a fan of thick and fleshy, strap-shaped conduplicate, acute leaves that blooms on an axillary, shorter than the leaf, several to many flowered inflorescence.

Often cited as a synonym of P plantaginifolia. I am keeping this one separate until I get further data. This plant has secund flowers and P plantaginifolia does not. The plant itself has several differences, most obvious the inflorescence is *shorter than the leaves and it may be neither P secunda or P plantaginifolia. If you have any thoughts please contact me. *the description for P secunda says that the inflorescence is "mostly" longer than the leaf

Synonyms *Dendrolirium secundum Blume 1825; Eria microtidis (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1868; Eria secunda (Blume) Rchb.f. 1857; Phreatia microtidis Lindl. 1859

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