Pleurothallis gomesii-ferreirae Pabst 1975 SUBGENUS Madisonia

Drawing by Pabst

Full shade

Common Name Gomes Ferreira's Pleurothallis [Brazilian Orchid Collector in pernambuco state of Brazil earlier 1900's]

Flower Size .12" [3 mm]

Found in Pernambuco state of Brazil as a mini-miniature sized epiphyte with "an elongate, articulate rhizome, which is ca. .4" [1 cm] long between ramicauls; the leaf is erect, linear-lanceolate, .4 to .6" [1 to 1.5 cm]long; the inflorescence is erect, ca. 1.2" [3 cm] long; the flower is minute and patent; the sepals are ca. .2" [5 mm] long, the lateral sepals almost entirely connate to near the apex to form a synsepal; the lip is oblong, trilobed, rounded and obtuse, with lateral lobes erect and placed slightly above the middle of the lip". Toscano and E C Schmidt 2021

Synonyms Madisonia gomesii-ferreirae (Pabst) Toscano & E.C.Smidt 2021; Pabstiella gomesii-ferreirae (Pabst) Luer 2007; Specklinia gomesii-ferreirae (Pabst) Luer 2004; Stelis gomesii-ferreirae (Pabst) Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 2001

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