Pleurothallis granulosa (Barb.Rodr.) Cogn. 1896 SUBGENUS Effusae Luer 2000


Photo/Drawing by G Chiron and Notes sur un groupe brésilien de Pabstiella (Pleurothallidinae, Orchidaceae) Chiron & Ximenes Bolsanello Richardiana X[2] Mars 2010

Deep shade Warm Cool Spring THROUGH Summer

Common Name The Granular Spotted Pleurothallis [refers to the little knobs on the sepals and lip]

Flower Size .2" [5 mm]

Found in Rio de Janiero state of Brazil in primary cloud forests at elevations of 1100 to 1300 meters as a miniature to small sized, warm to cool growing, shortly repent epiphyte with erect rtamicauls enveloped by 2 to 3, orange brown sheaths and carrying a single apical, erect, light green, broadly lanceoalte, leathery, conduplicate, slightly infolded, attenuate belw int o the bhase leaf that blooms in the spring through late summer on a slightly curved, arising through a spathe, 10 to 14" [25 to 35 cm] long, successively to 4 at once, 10 to 15 flowered inflorescence

Synonyms *Lepanthes granulosa Barb.Rodr. 1881; Pabstiella granulosa (Barb.Rodr.) Chiron & Xim.Bols. 2010; Specklinia granulosa (Barb.Rodr.) Luer 2004; Stelis granulosa (Barb.Rodr.) Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 2001

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