Pleurothallis jamiesonii Lindl. 1835 SUBGENUS Crocodeilanthe [Rchb.f & Warsc.]Luer 1986

Drawing by Carl Luer and The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website

Common Name Jamieson's Pleurothallis [English Original Collector of species 1800's]

Flower Size .2" [5 mm]

Found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 2800 to 3300 meters as a small to medium sized, cold growing, densely caespitose epiphyte with fasciculate, stout, erect ramicauls enveloped by a long tubular sheath near the middle and 2 to 3, imbricating, tubular sheaths at the base and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, elliptical, obtuse to subacute, cuneate below into the petiolate base leaf that blooms in the fall on 1 to 4, arising through a spathe from an annulus just below the abscission layer, simultaneous, secund, 4.8 to 10" [12 to 25 cm] long including the 2.4 to 2.8" [6 to 7 cm] long peduncle, densely and simultaneously many flowered inflorescence with enclosing the pedicel and the ovry floral bracts.

"Characterized by the few, long, secund racemes of small flowers borne from a narrow erect spathe ar the base of the petiolate leaf. The finely pubescent sepals and the three veined, obtuse petals are similar to those seen in many allied species, but the lip possesses a convex, apical lobe and a pair of pyramidal calli on the disc contiguous with the lateral lobes below the middle. Similar modifications have developed in the lips of two closely related species P avirostris and P praealta." Luer 1998

Synonyms Crocodeilanthe jamiesonii (Lindl.) Luer 2004; Humboltia foveata (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia jamiesonii (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Pleurothallis foveata Lindl. 1859; Pleurothallis sodiroi Schltr. 1915; Stelis jamiesonii (Lindl.) Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 2001; Stelis sagittata Zambrano & Solano 2018

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