Pleurothallis sertularioides (Sw.) Spreng. 1826 SUBGENUS Specklinia SECTION Muscosae Lindl. 1842

Another Angle on the lip

Photo by Roland Amsler and his Facebook Page

Plant and Flowers

Photo courtesy of Andy's Orchids Copyright © 2002 All rights reserved.


Drawing by © Carl Luer

Common Name The Wreath-Like Pleurothallis

Flower Size 1/8" [.33 cm]

Found in Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in wet montane forests as a mat forming, miniature sized, warm to cool growing, caespitose epiphyte with a slender creeping rhizome and erect ramicauls enveloped basally by scarious sheaths and carrying a single, apical, linear-oblanceolate, to linear-spathulate, obtuse, gradually narrows below into the conduplicate base leaf that can bloom at any time of the year on a short, arising from the leaf base, filiform, erect, lax, simultaneously single to 2 to 3 flowered inflorescence with shorter than the pedicel floral bracts.

"Characterized by the small size, a long-repent rhizome, and suberect to erect, narrow leaves borne by abbreviated ramicauls. 1 to 3 flowers are produced successively and distantly by a slender peduncle. The sepals are acute and free, the petals are shorter, acute and glabrous, and the lip is oblong with a narrowly obtuse apex, a pair of obtuse marginal angles below the middle and a pair of minute lobes at the base." Luer 2006

Synonyms Anathallis sertularioides (Sw.) Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 2001; Dendrobium sertularioides (Sw.) Sw. 1799; *Epidendrum sertularioides Sw. 1788; Humboldtia sertularioides (Sw.) Kuntze 1891; Humboldtia tenuissima (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia sertulariodes (Sw.) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia tenuissima (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Panmorphia sertularioides (Sw.) Luer 2006; Pleurothallis sertularioides var trinitensis Griseb. 1864; Pleurothallis tenuissima Rchb. f. 1844; Pleurothallis trichopoda A.Rich. & Galeotti 1845; Specklinia sertularioides (Sw.) Lindl. 1830

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