!Serapias lingua Linne 1753 SECTION Serapias

Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website


Photo by JM.Dreuillaux and the Orchids of France and Europe


S lingua Group

Common Name The Tongue Serapias

Flower Size about 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, the Balaeric Islands, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece eastern Aegean Islands and Turkey as a small to medium sized, cold to cool growing terrestrial orchid from sand dune slacks, wet marsh, damp meadows and open fields below an elevation of 2000 meters with 4 to 8 linear-lanceolate, acuminate leaves that blooms in the spring on an erect, terminal, 10" [25 cm] long, laxly few to several [2 to 6] flowered inflorescence, that has large bracts that almost cover the flower.

Synonyms Helleborine leucoglottis Steud. 1821; Helleborine Lingua Pers. 1807; Helleborine oxyglottis Pers. 1807; Lonchitis oxyglottis (Willd.) Bubani 1901; Orchis lingua (L.) Scop. 1772; Serapias brevibracteata St.-Lag. 1880; Serapas columnae (Rchb. f.) Lojacono 1909; Serapias elsae P.Delforge 2004; Serapias excavata Schlechter 1923; Serapias glabra Lapeyr. 1813; Serapias gracilis Kreutz 1989; Serapias laxiflora var. columnae Rchb. f 1851; Serapias lingua f. abnormis Cortesi 1904; Serapias lingua f. humilis A.Terracc. 1910; Serapias lingua f. leucantha (J.A.Guim.) F.M.Vzquez 2009; Serapias lingua f. minima F.M.Vzquez 2009; Serapias lingua f. nana E.G.Camus 1921; Serapias lingua f. pallidiflora E.G.Camus, Bergon & A.Camus 1908; Serapias lingua f. tenuis F.M.Vzquez 2009; Serapias lingua f. tunetana (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) P.Delforge 2007; Serapias lingua lusus abnormis (Cortesi) F.M.Vzquez 2009; Serapias lingua lusus kuemmerlei So 1926; Serapias lingua subsp. duriaei (Rchb. ex Batt.) Maire 1931; Serapias lingua subsp. elsae (P.Delforge) Kreutz 2004; Serapias lingua subsp. excavata (Schltr.) So 1928; Serapias lingua subsp. oxyglottis (Willd.) Maire & Weiller 1959; Serapias lingua subsp. stenopetala (Maire & Stephenson) Maire & Weiller 1959; Serapias lingua subsp. tunetana B.Baumann & H.Baumann 2005; Serapias lingua subsp. veneris Balayer 1986; Serapias lingua var. duriaei Rchb. ex Batt. 1884; Serapias lingua var. flavescens Balayer 1986; Serapias lingua var. hirsuta Boiss. 1842; Serapias lingua var. leucantha J.A.Guim. 1887; Serapias lingua var. longibracteata J.A.Guim. 1887; Serapias lingua var. oxyglottis (Willd.) E.G.Camus 1908; Serapias lingua var. rubescens Balayer 1986; Serapias lingua var. stenopetala (Maire & T.Stephenson) Maire 1938; Serapias mauretanica Schltr. 1923; Serapias oxyglottis Willd. 1805; Serapias oxyglottis var. pallescens Mutel 1836; Serapias pallidiflora Lojac. 1909; Serapias parviflora var. columnae (Rchb. f.) Ascherson & Graebner 1907; Serapias pseudocordigera var. pallescens (Mutel) E.G.Camus 1908; Serapias stenopetala Maire & Stephenson 1930; Serapias stricta Welw. ex Woods 1858; Serapias strictiflora Welw. ex Veiga 1886; Serapias strictiflora subsp. gregaria (Godfery) Kreutz 2004; Serapias strictiflora var. distenta Presser 2003; Serapias strictiflora var. elsae (P.Delforge) C.Venhuis & P.Venhuis 2007; Serapiastrum lingua (L.) A.A.Eaton 1908;

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