Stanhopea grandiflora [Lodd]Lindley 1832 SUBGENUS Candida

Photo by Jay Pfahl

Side View of Flower

Photo by Dr George Kennedy


Common Name The Large Flowered Stanhopea

Flower Size 6" [15 cm]

Found in Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guyana, Surinam, Brazil and Trinidad in wet forests at elevations of 100 to 1000 meters and is a medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with oviod, ribbed pseudobulbs subtended by sheaths that become fibrous with age and carries a single, apical, plicate, elliptical, acute, petiolate leaf that blooms in the spring and fall with 1 to 2 short-lived, waxy flowers arising basally on a mature pseudobulb with a pendulous, flowered, elongate 4" [10 cm] long inflorescence subtended basally by several, imbricating, chartaceous bracts and carrying fragrant jasmine scented.

This myrmecophilus species is often found in conjunction with ants and may benefit from their presence.

Synonyms *Ceratochilus grandiflorus Lodd.; *Epidendrum grandiflorum Bonpl.; Stanhopea calceolata Drapiez 1841; Stanhopea calceolata hort. ex Rchb.f. 1855; Stanhopea eburnea Lindl. 1832; Stanhopea eburnea var. gracilis hort. ex Heynhold 1846; Stanhopea eburnea var. grandiflora hort. ex Lemaire 1863; Stanhopea eburnea var. grandiflora (Lindley) Regel 1856; Stanhopea eburnea var. spectabilis Lem; Stanhopea grandiflora var. alba hort. ex Lodd. 1844; Stanhopea grandiflora var. incarnata hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea grandiflora var. odorata hort. ex Loddiges 1844

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